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About CCRP

The Christ Church Congregation

Christ Church is a congregation on the Indianapolis west side, planted out of Second Reformed Presbyterian Church of Indianapolis. After starting with Bible studies and evening worship services at various locations in the Avon area, the forming congregation called a pastor and was organized in October, 2006. Since 2008, the congregation has met at its present location in Brownsburg, although our members travel from Zionsville, Avon, and Indianapolis as well. We are blessed with a broad cross section of ages—including lots of children, young families, single adults, and grandparents.

What We Believe

Augustine once said, “The Bible is a river in which a lamb can wade and an elephant can drown.” There is both elegant simplicity in the core truths of Scripture and rich complexity in its profound teachings about God, mankind, and the plan of redemption.

In respect to Scripture’s simple, core message of salvation: Christ Church is an evangelical congregation proclaiming the good news of salvation through grace alone, by faith alone, in Christ alone, according to Scripture alone, and to the glory of God alone (the so-called “five solas” of the Reformation). With respect to the rich tapestry of Scripture’s teachings which guide our understanding of faith and life, Christ Church shares the convictions summarized in the historic Westminster Confession of Faith and the Testimony of the RPCNA. (RPCNA stands for Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America.)

Please feel free to contact us if you have any particular questions about who we are and what we believe.

Our Pastor

Michael LeFebvre and his wife, Heather, live with their five children on the outskirts of Brownsburg. Michael moved to Indianapolis in 1996 to study for the ministry through Second Reformed Presbyterian Church while supporting himself as a freelance business writer. He later moved to Pittsburgh to complete an MDiv at the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary (class of 2001), and then moved to Scotland to complete a PhD in Old Testament studies through the University of Aberdeen (graduating in 2005). In January, 2006, Michael was ordained as a minister and has served at Christ Church RP since that time.