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“Of making many books there is no end…” (Eccl. 12:12). Especially in our day, with the increasing efficiency of publishing and the affordability of books and electronic resources, there is an explosion of information available at our fingertips. The materials below are provided with full awareness that more thorough resources on many of these topics can be found elsewhere. Nevertheless, the media on this page are made available for the sake of convenience, as they deal with some of the issues of likely interest to those who would visit a Reformed Presbyterian Church website.

General Material

The following are personal papers and presentations by the pastor and should not be construed as official position statements of the Reformed Presbyterian Church, although he has endeavored to write in faithfulness to the testimony of the church.

  • The Five Points of Calvinism (link)
  • Why “Four-Point” Calvinism Doesn’t Work (link)
  • The Problem of Evil (link)
  • The Shape of the Psalter (link)
  • The Place of Joy in Worship (link)
  • Listening to Sermons in an Age of Television (link)
  • Holidays and Holy Days (link)
  • On Election and Free Will (link)
  • On Knowing God’s Will (link)
  • On Church Outreach (link)
  • An Introduction to the Book of Revelation (link)

Official Position Papers

In contrast with the above (which are personal papers by the pastor), the following are official position papers of the church adopted by the session (i.e., the board of elders).

  • A Letter to Employers regarding the Sabbath Day (link)