We Believe

The Gospel. Confession. Testimony.

The Gospel

For two thousand years, the church has been proclaiming the good news that God has revealed his great love for the world through the life, sacrifice, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is this good news—the "Gospel"—that unites us with all other Gospel-believing churches. (Watch the video on the left to learn more.)

Our Confession and Testimony

While all Gospel-believing churches are part of the same faith, various denominations within the church contribute their own understanding of various facets of that faith. As part of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America, we subscribe to the Westminster Confession of Faith and the Reformed Presbyterian Testimony. Only the Bible is absolutely authoritative, being God’s Word. However, we view these subordinate documents as containing the wisdom of our spiritual ancestors who studied the Scriptures and wrote down their "Bible study notes" to help guide us in carrying on the faith after them. (You can explore these documents further, here.)

Our Confession and Testimony


If you have questions about the Gospel or our denominational Confession and Testimony—or any other questions about the church or the Christian faith—feel free to ask and we will do our best to offer what help we can. You can contact us, here.